“Leah has been an integral part of “German Life” for nearly a decade. Her professionalism, attentiveness to detail, and her understanding of those special details that can transform a mundane story into a feature with a unique perspective all make my job as an editor a true joy.”  –  Mark Slider,  Editor,  German Life    

“Leah Larkin is an editor’s dream. Even before reading one of her stories, an editor comes to know that it will be well written, well researched and even well punctuated. Having been an editor herself, Leah knows how to turn in a story that defies an editor to find the slightest typo or misplaced comma. Beyond that, when Leah takes her readers on one of her travel journeys, she delivers a full picture, including the wrong turns, inclement weather, bad traffic and even spousal disagreements that most travelers will find amusingly familiar. Travel readers – and editors – can trust Leah Larkin.”  – Jolene Carpenter,  Travel Editor,  European Edition, Stars and Stripes


Thanks for sending me the link to your article.  I’m very impressed with the article and think you did an incredible job telling the story of Belize.         I think it’s probably one of the best and most accurate stories I’ve read about Belize in some time.”

Vince Minniti, Principal, Director of Marketing, Ara Macao Resort and Marina, Placencia, Belize



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